The company "Pork of Epirus - VERGOS" is founded in Epirus, at 44 km of Nat. Road of Ioannina-Athens of Greece, in the Municipality of Ziros, and operates as one of the companies of VERGOS Group of companies whose activities mainly include the primary production of pork and animal feed, the trade of exclusively Greek meat (wholesale and retail), and constitute a vertical production chain of meat processing and marketing in Greece ( The activities of VERGOS family started in 1973 with the breeding of pigs on farms in the semi-mountainous Epirus, in a natural and absolutely clean environment without human activities.

Today, the premises of all enterprises consist, apart from the farms, from a feed factory for the preparation of food mixtures for marketing but also for own use (since 1997), slaughterhouse installation (with the code S47 of the European Union since 1997), meat processing unit and sausage standardization (since 2002) and meat retail stores in Epirus (Ioannina, Kerasonas Filippiadas) and in Western Macedonia (Grevena, Kozani, Ptolemaida, Florina) (since 2013).

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