Note: all the photos of the products contained in the website of our online store are real photos of our products only!

Our products, which are meat and meat preparations, come from animals that are raised naturally in the mountainous and semi-mountainous Epirus and specifically in the regional units of Ioannina, Arta and Preveza, in a completely pure, clean and natural environment away from other human activities.


All the pork is produced by the Vergos family on its farms, from animals that feed mainly on cereals and aromatic plants and herbs and have a special and unique taste!

The beef and veal comes from small farmers from areas of Ioannina and is of first quality and taste!

Goat and sheep meat and lamb meat (lamb-goat) come from sheep and goats and lambs from Xirovouni of Epirus. These are excellent quality meats with unparalleled taste and purity. Lamb and goat milk, scales, but also sheep rib, or goat, are the seal of our local meats with incomparable taste!

The chicken is from Epirus from the mountainous areas of Arta and Ioannina and is unique!

Meat preparations

All meat preparations such as marinated pans, minced meat products (such as burgers, soutzoukaki, seftalies, giouvarlakia, etc.) but also all the village sausages, are prepared with pure meat and spices which are of our own preparation from pure raw materials. and aromatic plants and herbs of Greek and organic cultivation.

We do not use chemical preservatives so that our products are clean in texture and taste so that we and our children can consume them safely. In particular, we do not use nitrites and nitrates or phosphates in our products. Nitrites and nitrates are used in the processing of meat and especially sausages as red preservative chemicals but also as preservatives, and are blamed for potentially serious damage to human health after long-term consumption. Phosphates are used almost everywhere in the preparation of sausages, mainly but also other meat products, because they help the consistency of products and water retention, but are blamed for stomach disorders and other effects on kidney and cardiovascular function after overconsumption. We strictly prohibit their use in our products.

Our products are original meats and meat preparations with special taste and flavor, unique, pure, but also completely safe for our health and the health of our children! They are delicious and perfectly healthy to be consumed by young children of any age. They do not cause stomach upsets and do not cause any discomfort during digestion. Try them now and you will be thrilled with their taste and purity!

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