According to science, meat is essential in our diet mainly because it has a high content of proteins that play a key role in the body's metabolism. In addition, the proteins found in meat as well as in foods of animal origin are of high biological value because they contain all the essential amino acids that the human body needs and can not synthesize them on its own. Especially for children who are in the growth of their body, the consumption of large amounts of proteins of high biological value is more necessary compared to adults.

Beef and pork have a top position in our diet because in addition to the high content of protein, they also contain significant levels of iron and many other nutrients such as vitamin B12, etc. It is known that the production of beef and pork in the country is not enough to meet the nutritional needs of our population. Thus, today, more than 70% of the beef and pork consumed in Greece are imported from the European Union. In the market of chicken, lambs and sheep and goats, the numbers are lower and thus the largest quantity consumed in our country is of Greek breeding.

Statistical studies show that the Greek consumer public, when it has to choose between Greek or European meat, prefers Greek by a wide margin because it considers them more delicious and on the other hand has more confidence in their breeding. He also believes that because our country is cleaner environmentally (air, soil, water), the meat from the animals raised here is purer meat. Especially the region of Epirus is one of the most pristine regions of our country and the meat of Epirus holds a special place in the preference of consumers among Greek meats.

Our company produces and offers only Greek meats and specifically continental meats of first quality and is addressed to customers who are essential and demanding in quality but also in taste and prefer Greek meat while at the same time wanting to trust their supplier that will provide them with just that asking for the right price.

Our era in terms of the meat market is mainly characterized by the availability of visually attractive meat products with emphasis on product design with intense color reflections and design depiction that refers to something different such as. some plant product. These are very beautiful meat preparations, real works of art! However in this case if the meat used to make a design is quality and pure, the end result is excellent! Unfortunately, we have had many times to try cooked meat dishes that while they have an excellent appearance, it does not correspond to taste. This is because the raw material that is meat is not always of the highest quality.

Thus, our philosophy is based on all the above data and strengthens our belief that we must provide meat and meat products to our customers which are produced in our place safely and raw materials in a pure and virgin environment, without toxic substances. Pure flavors that take off with balanced combinations of spices and herbs in a unique result! Our main goal is for all our products to be pure, healthy, delicious and absolutely safe for consumption first of all by ourselves and especially by our children!

All the products we produce in our facilities do not contain nitrites and nitrates, nor phosphates, substances that are blamed for long-term damage to human health (see our products). They do not contain preservatives or substances that cause stomach upset. They are fresh, delicious and unique, with excellent quality and taste and we recommend them especially for healthy eating for all ages.

Enjoy the genuine, clean and traditional taste of our meats!

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