Our headquarters are in Epirus. Our meat retail stores (butcher shops) are located in Epirus and West. Macedonia of Greece. We sell meat and meat products that we produce in our place. All pork is a product of VERGOS family and comes from animals that we raise naturally, mainly with cereals and herbs on our farms in a semi-mountainous area of ​​Epirus (www.vezzo.gr). Lamb - Goat, beef and goat - mutton as well as chickens come from small Epirus cattle breeders from animals raised in a natural and pure environment. We now operate an online meat shop (online butcher shop, e-shop) for remote deliveries at your door.

In Ioannina, Grevena, Kozani, Ptolemaida, Florina, we deliver fresh meat and meat preparations from our stores immediately within 1 to 24 hours of ordering!

In Attica we send our fresh products from the headquarters of the company once a week and we deliver every Thursday!

In our new online store you will find only Greek meat produced in Epirus! Visit us and you will be thrilled with their excellent quality, unique taste and excellent price! In our stores you will find the "value for money"!

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Online butcher shop - Χοιρινά Ηπείρου - ΒΕΡΓΟΣ

The best quality, at the best price ! Our fresh meat is being produced in Epirus !

You can find our products in our new online shop (online butcher shop www.epiruspork.gr / e-shop) and we deliver them at your door !

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